L45 – L45SS Technical Specs

DIMENSIONS:  (H – L – W) 250mm. X 185mm. x 145mm.
(back included, knobs and handle excluded)
WEIGHT: ∼1740 gr. (∼2630 gr. L45 SS)
rise / fall: 60mm. / 25mm.
shift: (left + right) 38 + 38 mm.
tilt: limited by the bellows
swing: limited by the bellows
rise / fall: 65 mm. / fall 10 mm.
shift: none (available on LF45)
tilt: limited by the bellows (portrait mode), circa 25° (landscape mode)
swing: none (available on LF45)
Minimun extension 65 mm.
Maximum extension 280 mm.
(from lensboard plane to film plane)
Lenses shorter than 65 mm. can be used with recessed lensboard)
NOTE: all movements are reduced when the camera is in its minimum extension; BAG BELLOWS are available as option to obtain more movements